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Amla and honey are very good for health. Consuming Amla with honey daily has a lot of health benefits.  It is good for increasing blood count and to maintain the health of the hair . We all know that it is a rich source of Vitamin C. It lowers cholesterol level. It helps to treat anemia and gives stamina.

Treats Digestive Problems: Honey soaked amlas is the best remedy for indigestion and acidity. They also increase your appetite and help in a proper digestion of food. Eat honey soaked amlas and drink the concoction to get relief from constipation and piles as well

Purchase Honey Amla from Youboo to follow a natural lifestyle more proactive in nature.

Made from fresh and pure honey

Safe and hygienic packing

  • Usage: It is a good source of vitamins, iron and other minerals that strengthens the body and heals ulcers of all types.
  • Proper digestion, Controls blood sugar & strengthens immune system.
  • Treats Infertility: Daily consumption of honey soaked amlas will increase the chances of conception and it also gives relief from menstrual pain in girls. Period irregularities can also be fixed by the honey and amla concoction.
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