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Pekoe Fannings

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Nilgiri CTC Tea is generally described as being a dark, intensely aromatic, fragrant and flavoured tea and occurs via the Crush, Tear, Curl or CTC process of manufacture, which delivers a higher number of cups per measure . Our tea is made using hand plucked tender bud and two leaves of the Tea plant "Camellia Sinensis" cultivated in the Pristine Blue Hills of Nilgiris, retaining its delicate flavour and fragrance.

Pekoe Fannings a smaller leaf of CTC (Crush Tea Curl) type of manufacture giving a strong tasting tea.  This is small than BOP.   Ideal at breakfast time, usually enjoyed with milk.  Hugely popular English breakfast blend.  

Store in dry, air tight containers.


  • High Grown Nilgiri CTC Teas are famous for a perfect balance of flavour & strength. These Teas are light on the body & can be drunk more often through the day. Being naturally sweet & aromatic, there isn't any need for the Tea Drinker to add too much Sugar or other additives like Cardamom, masala etc in case of Nilgiri High Grown Teas.
  • The tea is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that help in improving overall health. The anti-inflammatory and antibacterial powers of Black Tea also help in fighting cold and flu, and boost your immune system.
  • Tea Grades such as (Orange Pekoe/Broken Orange Pekoe/Pekoe Fannings/Pekoe Dust ) are important to know since they provide more information on the flavor, appearance and style. The grading system is based upon the size of processed and dried black tea leaves."

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Excellent Vanaja , 27-Jun-2018

Good tea, great taste. Loved the aroma.

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