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Our chocolates are home-made with all the quality standards of manufacture met and an absolute delight to consume. Delicious taste longing for more and more!  White Marble chocolates an absolute delicacy to buy. 

Visit to the Nilgiris for vacation, one item that many of them would want to take back home is the homemade chocolates. The climate is favourable for chocolate - making and Nilgiris especially Ooty and Coonoor homemade chocolates are made for more than six decades now. An absolute delicacy prepared with utmost care and passion...again a soulful product of the Nilgiris. 

Shelf life of Homemade chocolates: Should be stored in air- tight containers and refrigerated which will have a shelf life of upto 75 days.

  • Chocolate has a host of health benefits, from lowering body mass to decreasing the risk of strokes. 
  • Chocolate is good for your skin 
  • Chocolate strengthens your brain Chocolate can control coughs
  • Chocolate makes you live longer 
  • Chocolate boosts your mood be it young or old 
  • Rich in fibre, a great filler making you eat less 
  • Improves blood flow and circulation 
  • Improves Fitness training 
  • Increases blood flow to the Retina thereby giving Vision a boost 
  • Also is an Antioxidant 
  • Is very nutritious 
  • Research states that it also lowers blood pressure 
  • Research states that it lowers cholesterol 
  • Dark chocolate helps prevent depression 
  • An energy booster 
  • Boosts your immune system Promotes Red blood cell distribution
  • Research also states that it reduces sunburn
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Poor Rafeek , 23-Feb-2021

I am order I am waiting for the two weeks parcel is not coming after cancel the order customer service very bad

Excellent Aruna , 06-Aug-2018

Well packed an economical and tasty purchase for my kids birthday bash

Excellent Ravali , 23-Dec-2017

Yummy, yummy

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